Cochlear Implants

When hearing aids aren’t enough

For those individuals with certain severities of hearing loss, traditional hearing aids may not be enough to achieve their best hearing potential. When this occurs, a cochlear implant may be recommended. At Lakeside Audiology, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide evaluation for cochlear implant candidacy and connect our patients to top CI surgeons from highly rated Medical Centers across the Carolinas.

Lakeside Audiology has been established as a Collaborative Programming Clinic for several major Cochlear Implant Centers in the Southeast region. Through these partnerships, we have established an excellent alternative for those desiring high-level CI follow-up care, that is connected to their implanting surgeon, but located closer to home.

Led by Drs. Cal Cunningham and Erin Blackburn, the Duke Cochlear Implant program has established a level of care that is second-to-none. With their multi-disciplinary approach, Duke Medical has found their place as a leading Cochlear Implant Center in the Raleigh-Durham region.
The Greenville Cochlear Implant program has emerged as an excellent option for those in the Midlands and Upstate region. Together with their Otolaryngologists, Drs. Nathan Alexander and Andrew Rampey, Physician Assistant, Kelly Hughes, and Audiologists, Drs. Susan Valenti and Courtney Russo, we are able to smoothly transition those patients who are no longer able to benefit from traditional hearing aid technology into cochlear implant technology.
For over 30 years, the UNC Cochlear Implant Program has been a trusted choice for patients with hearing loss seeking a cochlear implant. As one of the largest CI programs in the world, UNC is known for their cutting edge science and research initiatives which have expanded CI criteria and improved outcomes for cochlear implant users.

What is a cochlear implant?

A cochlear implant consists of two parts, an internal and external component.

The internal component is a small electrode that is implanted into the cochlea of the inner ear. Through this electrode, the auditory nerve can be stimulated directly, allowing access to sound that wasn’t previously possible.

The external component is called the speech processor. The processor is responsible for picking up sound through the microphone and transmitting that sound to the internal device.

Lakeside Audiology offers programming and support services for all three major Cochlear Implant manufacturers:

Advanced Bionics (link to

Cochlear Americas (link to

MED-EL (link to

Do you think you or a loved one are no longer benefiting from hearing aids?

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