Smart hearing aids have quickly become  the most popular and effective treatment option for any degree of hearing loss. The automatic functionality in smart hearing aids allows users to interact with their environment naturally while the device’s algorithms sort out noise and enhance desired sound in real time.

In today’s communication-driven society, you need to have all the audio possible streamed into your ears safely and without distortion. With smart hearing aids, you can synchronize your devices and navigate between audio sources with ease, without sacrificing discretion or audio quality.


The goal of smart hearing aids  are to make the hearing restoration process feel as natural as possible by removing wires and other physical connectivity. While smart hearing aids allow you to make manual adjustments as needed, the devices will also learn your listening preferences over time and begin to make those adjustments automatically. This means you can put your hearing aids on in the morning and not have to touch them again until you remove them in the evening.


You can also control smart hearing aids wirelessly via a smartphone app to adjust volume, program, and even other advanced settings like microphone focus. If you don’t like the settings chosen automatically by your hearing aids, you are able to make the changes you prefer so the devices will remember how to respond in similar listening situations. 


Previously, using Bluetooth with your hearing aids drained batteries quickly. Smart hearing aids correct this problem so you can enjoy any listening experience all day long without worrying about battery life. Using Bluetooth technology, smart hearing aids can wirelessly connect to a variety of devices, such as TVs, smartphones, doorbells, smoke alarms, and more. As a result, the hearing aids are essentially turned into high-definition headsets that make taking a phone call, watching TV, or streaming music a seamless listening experience.

“Smart” Hearing

Keep in mind that the most important job of your hearing aids is to improve your hearing. In other words, whether they can connect to your iPhone shouldn’t be the primary deciding factor when shopping for hearing aids. Instead, talk to a hearing care professional and choose hearing aids that fit comfortably, have great sound quality, and help you to hear your best  in a variety of different listening environments.

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