Our goal is to maximize every child’s hearing potential.

The Pediatric Audiology Program at Lakeside Audiology provides comprehensive testing, treatment and support services for children of all ages and their families. Our Doctors of Audiology are the only audiologists in the area that specialize in Pediatric Audiology, as recognized by the American Board of Audiology. With over 20 years combined experience, Drs. Block and Jensen recognize that the pediatric population requires a unique skill set. We are fully equipped to see children of all ages with developmental delays and medical conditions. We offer both behavioral and electroacoustic testing to ensure a thorough and accurate diagnosis of hearing sensitivity and evaluation of the auditory system.

Why Should I Have my Child’s Hearing Tested?

Hearing is the foundation for communication and speech development. The first three years of life are the most critical period of language development. As such, early identification and management of hearing loss is imperative for communication success. Prevalence of hearing loss is 1-2/1000 births and 5/1000 in children 3-17 years of age. There are a number of reasons why a child’s hearing may need to be tested.

Common reasons to schedule a hearing evaluation for your child include:

  • speech delay
  • frequent or recurrent ear infections
  • known risk factors for hearing loss (see table below)
  • family history of hearing loss
  • diagnosis of a learning disability or other learning disorder
  • concern about attention
Pediatrics Hearing Speech Milestones

Universal Newborn Hearing Screening has proven effective in identifying the majority of congenital hearing loss, though some childhood hearing losses have later onset or may not be identified through screening methods. There are numerous causes for late-onset or progressive hearing loss. In addition, universal screening methods may miss identification of mild or minimal hearing losses. Consistent review of auditory skill development is recommended and immediate referral for audiological evaluation is warranted if there is concern about a child’s responsiveness to sound or issue with speech and language development.

Hearing Evaluation

We offer a range of clinical testing to assess hearing in young and difficult to test populations. Test method will be determined as clinically appropriate by our audiologists based on the developmental age, attention, and cognition of your child. All tests are non-invasive.
pediatric hearing healthcare at lakeside audiology

Tests Offered:

  • DPOAE testing- screening and diagnostic
  • Tympanometry and middle ear reflex measurements
  • Behavioral Audiometry (BOA, VRA, CPA, conventional Audiometry) – w/ team assist as needed
  • Age- appropriate speech testing
  • Auditory Brainstem Response testing using the Vivosonic System (no sedation necessary)
  • Newborn Hearing Screening
  • Cochlear Implant Candidacy Evaluation

Hearing Aids and Other Technology

For children newly identified with hearing loss, our goal is to maximize every child’s hearing potential.

Our audiologists have expertise in digital hearing aids, FM Systems, BAHA, and other assistive listening devices.  They work closely with the families in selecting the most appropriate technologies to meet each child’s listening needs.

With universal newborn hearing screening programs, it is now common for infants to be fitted with hearing aids at less than three months of age. All of our hearing aid fittings are verified by both objective measurements and parent subjective report. Using the Verifit Speechmapping system, we have the ability to actually measure the level of sound provided by a hearing aid while in the user’s ear, enabling the pediatric audiologist to confidently fit an infant or young child who cannot provide feedback regarding their perceived sound experience.

Providing amplification for a child with hearing loss is important for learning and development. Children learn every day and they require auditory information in that process. Providing auditory information, through amplification, will greatly improve their abilities in many areas of their lives.

If you believe your child has a hearing loss, please call our office to schedule an appointment with one of our pediatric certified providers. Timely evaluation of hearing, diagnosis, and treatment will provide the best course of action, ensuring the highest-quality lifetime experiences for your child.

Do you think your child has hearing loss?

A pediatric evaluation is your first step. Call today to schedule an appointment!