Educational Audiology

As the area’s leading pediatric audiology provider, our role as educational audiology consultants for several large school districts in our area formed naturally. By combining our clinical knowledge and passions with the academic needs of each student, we are able to address classroom acoustic concerns and offer academic solutions that seamlessly fit with your child’s hearing technology and listening needs.

As Educational Audiologists, we work in several areas to support each student’s success:

  • Implement strategies to improve classroom listening
  • Manage and maintain technology systems, such as FM, Roger, and Remote Microphones
  • Develop classroom recommendations for individual students
  • Educate teachers and support personnel on the effects of hearing loss in the classroom
  • Teach staff the proper use of equipment
  • Work complimentary with the Teachers of the Deaf to provide resources and support that will maximize educational success
  • Evaluate children with suspected hearing loss

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    Awards and Associations

    American Academy of Audiology
    American Board of Audiology
    American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
    Dr. Kim Block

    2018 Audiologist of the Year

    Dr. Kim Block was awarded Outstanding Audiologist of the Year by the South Carolina Academy of Audiology in 2018. This award is given to an audiologist who...