Pediatric Hearing Solutions

Managing a child’s hearing loss appropriately is key in laying the proper foundation for speech, language and social development. In choosing the best hearing aid for a child, considerations vary, depending on the child’s age and activity level in addition to the degree and configuration of the hearing loss. Our audiologists are experts in pediatric hearing loss and will guide you through the journey. They understand the importance of maximizing sound quality at every age. Our hearing aid fittings are verified by both objective verification and parent/patient subjective report.

We understand the value of allowing our patients to find the style that works for them. For many children, and sometimes for even our adult patients, that means selecting a colorful device to match their bold expressions, age and style. We are happy to provide these options to our patients to allow them even greater satisfaction with their devices, no matter the stage of life.

Hearing Aids

  • Indicator lights- LED light illuminates to tell parents when aids are working properly, allowing peace of mind
  • Rechargeable solutions- No need to worry about batteries falling into little hands anymore. Rechargeable battery solutions offer increased safety (avoidance of disposable batteries) and increased durability of devices due to closed casing.
  • Water/dust resistance: IP68 rating. Ensures dust- and water-resistance, to withstand humidity and varying temperatures.
  • Discreet FM receivers - once only available by attaching to the bottom of a hearing aid case, we now have hearing aid options that have the receiver integrated inside the device.
  • Seamless connection to Bluetooth- connectivity to alternate devices now available either by direct connection or direct streaming to the devices (essentially turning a child’s hearing aids into wireless earbuds). This allows access to more sound sources in the classroom and at home. Now, your child can have full access to music, phone, TV, and assistive listening devices without the need for excess equipment (see also Assistive Listening Devices).
  • Access to hearing aid loaner bank when devices are out for repair
  • Extended warranty options- many of our pediatric hearing aids come with a 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • Comprehensive pediatric care kit with all new fittings
  • Expert counseling and the best coordination with other professionals involved in your child’s care
  • Objective verification of hearing aid fitting (real-ear verification/speechmapping)
  • Our Doctors of Audiology that have extensive pediatric experience in addition to Board Specialty Certification in Pediatric Audiology
  • We are contracted with many local schools to provide educational audiology, which uniquely bridges the gap between clinical and school audiology, which is not found at other clinics.

Manufacturers We Most Commonly Use

Bone Conduction Hearing Solutions

Not all hearing losses can be treated with traditional hearing aids. When there are issues with anatomical abnormalities of the outer or middle ear, history of chronic ear infections or drainage, or single sided deafness (complete hearing loss in one ear only), a bone conducted hearing device may be the right solution. Bone conducted hearing devices capture sound and transfers it through bone vibrations directly to the cochlea (the hearing organ in your inner ear). This bypasses your outer and middle ear entirely and creates a new pathway for hearing.

Nonsurgical Devices

Bone conduction devices can be worn in both a nonsurgical or surgical configuration. Nonsurgical options include use of a headband or adhesive that provides proper positioning of the bone conduction device. This option is best suited for children who are not old enough for the surgical procedure (because their skulls have not yet fully hardened) or adults whose hearing loss is mild, who cannot have surgery, or elect not to have surgery.

Surgical Devices

Surgically implanted devices have two parts: an internal component and an external processor. The internal component is placed under the skin and within the bone behind your ear. The processor is then worn externally and transmits the sound through the skull to the cochlea by using vibration.

Children must be at least five years old (or 12 years old for specific device types) to undergo surgical implantation of bone conduction devices. Lakeside Audiology is able to work with outside physicians to help with device selection and referral for the surgical component. In many cases, once cleared by the surgical team, you would return to our center for fitting of device (activation & orientation) and continued audiologic care.

Types of Bone Conduction Hearing Devices

Cochlear BAHA: The Cochlear BAHA system offers a reliable bone conducted hearing solution with a variety of accessories and Bluetooth compatibility to enhance the listening experience. Available in both surgical and non-surgical options.

Med-El AdHear: The AdHear is a new breakthrough in bone conducted hearing solutions. It is a non-surgical option that is attached to the mastoid bone using an adhesive adapter. Simply stick the adaptor behind your ear and click on the audio processor to access a clear bone conducted sound.  It is an option for all ages that may want to avoid surgery and want an alternative option to the softband.

Oticon Ponto: Available in both surgical and softband options, the Ponto offers advanced signal processing in a discreet sound processor solution.

Osia: The Osia is a surgically implanted solution by Cochlear Americas. An implant is placed under the skin, attached to the BI300 which is Cochlear’s latest titanium implant featuring TiOblast™ surface technology. The implant is designed to promote faster and stronger integration to the bone (through a natural process known as osseointegration). Certain candidacy criteria does exist.

Bone Conduction Systems are indicated for conductive hearing loss, mixed hearing loss and single-sided sensorineural deafness. Contact us for an appointment to further discuss candidacy requirements.


Even with the best hearing aids, children with hearing loss often struggle in noisy environments and over distance. Most children find themselves in variable listening environments on a day to day basis. The car, daycare, school, sports, restaurants, etc. are all situations that can pose a listening challenge for a hearing-impaired child.

FM/Roger Systems are designed to improve the signal-to-noise ratio in difficult listening environments. They act as assistive devices that enhance the performance of hearing aids, bone conduction aids, and cochlear implants in noisy environments and over distance.

A Roger/FM system includes a receiver and a transmitter. Sound is transmitted wirelessly from the person speaking to the receiver on or in the hearing aid or cochlear implant, eliminating the effects of distance and noise. Research has shown that the use of a Roger/FM system can provide up to 54% improvement in speech in noise performance over hearing aids alone. There are a variety of systems available, which vary based on the age of your child and their listening needs. Our audiologists are knowledgeable about the latest in Assistive Listening Technology and will help select the best system for your child and your family.


At Lakeside Audiology, we offer custom in-ear products, available for various uses. They are made by taking an impression of the ear, which is a simple and non-invasive procedure done in the office in a matter of a few minutes.

Custom Earmolds

An earmold is used to couple a hearing aid to a child’s ear and provide direction of sound to the eardrum. Earmolds provide a comfortable fit and are available in a variety of styles. With fun colors and style effects available, your child can have fun expressing themselves through their choices!

Swim molds

Custom swim molds are designed to protect the ear from exposure to water and pressure. They are recommended for patients with perforated eardrums, PE tubes, or those with a tendency to get swimmer’s ear. Swim molds can help reduce the occurrence of outer ear infections by reducing moisture in the ear canal. HINT: These can also double as hearing protection! Great for protecting little ears from fireworks or excess noise at concerts or car races.

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