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Would you like more information on the services and resources available at Lakeside Audiology? We welcome the opportunity to support you and your team as you expand your referral offerings and information regarding hearing loss, as it is an important and relevant topic for many of your patients.

Common Topics of Interest:

  • What is the relationship between Hearing loss and Dementia?
  • What other health concerns are linked to hearing loss?
  • What evaluation and treatment options are available for tinnitus?
  • What are the risks of untreated hearing loss for Adults?
  • What are the risks of untreated hearing loss for Children?
  • How do we hear? A review of how the hearing system works and what testing and treatment options are available.
  • How do Cochlear Implants work and who is a candidate?
  • How do we evaluate a newborn’s hearing?
  • Why should hearing loss be ruled-out in all cases of speech delay?
  • Other questions – let us know!

If you have a patient with hearing loss or suspected hearing loss and desire to refer them to our center, please fax your referral to 1-803-638-6901 or send a secure email to

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    American Academy of Audiology
    American Board of Audiology
    American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
    Dr. Kim Block

    2018 Audiologist of the Year

    Dr. Kim Block was awarded Outstanding Audiologist of the Year by the South Carolina Academy of Audiology in 2018. This award is given to an audiologist who...